How to Cure Yourself From a Video Game Addiction

Have you realized that you are likely suffering from a video game addiction? What can you do about it? Realization and awareness is the first step but then you need to act on this awareness and make better, positive choices for your life and your actions.Here are some ways to cure yourself from a video game addiction:1. Stop cold turkey- at least at first. Trying to reduce or regulate your game play will probably not work well if you have a full blown addiction. It’s like an alcoholic saying “I’ll just have one beer”. The best policy is to first stop completely and get rid of all games. Later, when you have cured your addiction, you might try games again.2. Ask for help- if you are addicted to video games, you may not have the self restraint needed to try to quit on your own. There is no weakness is asking for help. In fact, it is a sign of strength to be able to admit your weakness and seek outside help.3. Find a new hobby or pick back up an old one- video games can suck up a lot of your time. When you become addicted, you may forget about the old hobbies that you had before. If you give up video games, you are going to need something constructive to do with your time now.4. Get to the root of the problem- there is a reason that you developed an addiction to video games in the first place. Often it happens quickly and other times it creeps up on you, making it difficult to realize how it even happened. But it is almost always related to trying to escape. Immersion into a video game world allows you to avoid the reality of things that you cannot deal with or do not know how to deal with. Get to the root of the problem.5. Treat the root of the problem- once you have identified the root of the problem, you need to take the proper steps to treat this problem. Then you might be able to go back to games later without the same addiction problem. If you do not treat the root of the problem, you will just move on to an addiction to something else even after you quit the games anyway because games are not really the true source of the problem.6. Withdrawals are in your head- some people say that when they stop their video games, they experience “withdrawals”. You cannot have withdrawals from video games. Instead what you are experiencing are compulsions. You obsessively and compulsively played the video game(s) and now you think that you need to continue doing so. However, you will not become physically ill and any indication that you are is a figment of your imagination due to a mental dependency on the game.With these tips, you can learn more about video game addiction and how to treat it in yourself. The most difficult step is recognizing that you have a problem. Most often, people who are in the situation are unable to see outside of their own lives and the addiction that blinds them.