How to Play Video Games For Money

Do you think that Texas Hold’em is the only way you can get money playing games? Think again! Earning money playing video games is easier now than ever before, thanks to the recent enormous growth enjoyed by the video gaming industry. Game manufacturers need to ensure that their games have been completely de-bugged before they hit the market, so game testers are in high demand. So, how do you get started testing games for a living?Are you interested in an advanced degree?If you are planning to pursue a college degree, there are a number of careers in the gaming industry that will be open to you. Graphic design, computer programming, animation, and video production are just a few of the areas of video game production that people can enter with a two- or four-year degree. And you don’t have to wait until you have your diploma in-hand to get started… Video game testing is a great part-time job for students, and your progress toward your degree will make you better qualified and more likely to be noticed by a hiring manager.What if I’m just a high school graduate?If college or tech school isn’t in your future… no worries! Countless people become game testers without an advanced degreeĀ — it’s actually the more common career path. Many gamers are not college graduates, and one of the goals for game publishers is to have the games tested by the same demographic that will ultimately purchase and play them. People who obtain this type of game testing job are frequently allowed to work from home and set their own work schedule, provided that they can still complete their assignments and meet their deadlines.So, if you have a desire to work as a video game tester, take a look at your qualifications and long-term goals. If you intend to pursue a technical degree, you are the perfect candidate for a part-time game testing position, with the opportunity for quick advancement upon graduation. If college isn’t in your plan, you are still a desirable candidate for a job as a video game tester.